More than 100 dissemination pieces created including SMORE, Videos, Papers, Books and leaflets

SMORE flyers

Touriboost project has designed a strategy based on using the online tool SMOREThis online tool is a website that lets partners design their own online flyers. Touriboost make flyers that serve as newsletters or promote events, products, or services on social media sites. Flyers can also be printed and distributed.

Partners do a wide network distribution of the flyers to gain new audiences across different cultural heritage sectors. The flyers contain videos and photos of the activities as a complementary description of the project activities.

The following SMOREs has been produced till today in line with the project results.

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Basında çıkan haberlerimiz; On National  media

Necmettin Erbakan University web links​

1. NEÜ’nün “TOURIBOOST” başlıklı projesi kabul edildi

2.TOURIBOOST social media posts

3. A 6 minute interview with the Project contact person about the Project results  was broadcasted in the Anadolu Agency, the most important Turkish press.

4. Videos

5.Other news

6. NEU University Official Website posts

7.Kon TV-Konya’nın Tarihi Mekanları Avrupaya Tanıtılacak

8. International Press

Publishing books & Papers

Publications related to the five cultural assets


3 Peer Review Publications: 3 peer reviewed publications have been published by ARTIFACTORY:

    • Papathanassiou-Zuhrt, D. 2020, ‘HiSTORYTELLING: Designing validated heritage narratives for non-captive audiences. Evidence from EU funded projects in the Programming Period 2014-2020’, in Innovative Business Management and Global Entrepreneurship, Lumen Proceedings, in press
    • Papathanassiou-Zuhrt, D., Di Russo, A. and Cinar, K. 2019, ‘Exploiting Human Cognitive Architecture to Design a New Cultural Narrative for non-Captive Audiences: the TOURiBOOST Project’, in Strategic Innovative Marketing and Tourism. Springer Proceedings in Business and Economics, ed. A. Kavoura, Springer Verlag, Cham: https://www.springer.com/gp/book/9783030361259
    • Papathanassiou-Zuhrt, D., Di Russo, A. and Cinar, K. 2019, ‘Culture as an Instrument of Mass Construction’, in Strategic Innovative Marketing and Tourism. Springer Proceedings in Business and Economics, ed. A. Kavoura, Springer Verlag, Cham.



The Touriboost Project has been presented at the following Conferences:

    • Strategic Innovative Marketing and Tourism, 8th ICSIMAT, Northern Aegean, Greece, 2019, Editors: Kavoura, Androniki, Kefallonitis, Efstathios, Theodoridis, Prokopios (Eds.) Chios, Geece 17-21 July 2019.


In the framework of the 8th ICIMAT, ARTIFACTORY has organized and delivered a guided visit in Chios, Greece for the Conference participants at 3 heritage locations selected by the TOURiBOOST Project: Unesco listed Nea Moni; Village of Mesta; Village of Pyrgi and the ecosystem of Kampos. The aim of the guided visit was to test the eBook draft in situ and obtain feedback from an international audience for the development of compelling stories for the eBook.

    • International Online Conference “Innovative Business Management and Global Entrepreneurship” September the 4th 2020, organized by the University of Economics and Human Sciences in Warsaw, Poland
    • Romanian Academy, Institute of National Economy, Romania
    • South West University “Neofit Rilski”, Bulgaria
    • National Institute for Economic Research, Republic of Moldova
    • Social Science & Business Research Network – SSBRN, Indonesia
    • Association Holistic Research Academic, Romania – HoRA


Since registration to a conference is a time-consuming process and most events are scheduled during the academic year, two of these presentations were given after the project’s closure on 31 August 2020.

  •  “The Role of Budapest’s Roman Heritage in Urban Tourism Development”, The 5th Annual Conference of EATSA “Building Competitive Advantage of Euro-Asian Tourism”, 25-30 June 2019, Necmettin Erbakan University – Akdeniz University, Cappadocia – Konya – Antalya, Turkey
  • “Challenges in Heritage Experience Planning – The TOURiBOOST Project”, „Tourism as a Driver or Barrier for Quality of Life” – Tourism Conference, 9–11 September 2020, University of Pannonia, Veszprém, Hungary (online)
  • “Római örökség turisztikai hasznosítása – Globális és lokális kihívások és megoldások” (Utilisation of Roman Heritage in Tourism – Global and Local Challenges and Solutions) (in Hungarian), X. National Tourism Conference, 2 October 2020, University Pécs, Tourism Department – Hungarian Geographical Society – Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Social Geography Committee, Tourism Geography Subcommittee, Pécs, Hungary (online)
  • Publication of scientific paper by KJU and NEU staff members in collaboration
  • Rátz, T. – Régi, T. – Kátay, Á. – Cinar, K. (2019): The Role of Budapest’s Roman Heritage in Urban Tourism Development. In: Cinar, K. (ed.): “Building Competitive Advantage of Euro Asian Tourism” Proceedings of the EATSA Conference 2019. Necmettin Erbakan University, Konya, pp. 34-41