IO 5


From October 2019 to August 2020


The ATTRACTION CLUSTER is a strategic, dynamic and interactive process of making heritage and the arts widely accessible using the tourism distribution channels. It is needed to engaging individuals and communities in experiencing, enjoying, participating in and valuing culture and the arts through various means available today for cultural operators, from digital tools to volunteering, from co-creation to partnerships. The unique ATTRACTION CLUSTER across 30 geolocations is a high added value experience-based product disseminated through 6 iOS/Android/Windows iBOOKs at 30 integrative tourism selling points generating customized experience-driven tourism packages. This is a combined effort of the Partnership to launch an industry-related package with high transferability and replicability degree for more and better applications to benefit tourism businesses actors transferring know how from the world of education to the world of work. In this way the real-time accessibility to tourism resources and customized services in the Project Area is ensured for a global audience, while the joint activation of HR and economic capital leads to the convergence of supply and demand with high added value quality experiences in the territory.


The MDS sets the ground for the exploitation/viability/transferability of achieved results specifically tailored to addressing the market needs of the senior and youth market. The Strategy is the reference document for the SMART SKILLS OBSERVATORY guiding it to exploit Project achieved results in the long run, achieves sustainability, commercialization, mainstreaming so that the ATTRACTION CLUSTER remains operational beyond the Project life and permanently ensures tourism flows in the Project Area.


In order to ensure seamless operation of Project innovations and achieved results TOURiBOOST launches and operates a collaborative scheme from the 3 spheres of economy, society and governance, uniting thus the world of education and the world of work with the policy and decision makers right from the start. The Partnership will exploit 15 Project-driven events to provide a great opportunity to local tourism actors and key stakeholders to come into direct contact with the Project Partners and be informed about project contents and activities. It is of special value to project stakeholders at local level, to tax payers and the youth.
1 statutory Cooperation Agreement (SCA) builds the tangible representation of the transnational collaboration with multilevel actors. The SCAs stabilize Project results during implementation transferring Project philosophy at transnational level; attract newcomers for future actions; enable parties involved to understand they may contribute towards the inclusion of state, civil society and economy; develop an inclusive approach that widens and deepens the involvement of the third sector. The SCAs, active throughout the Project’s runtime and beyond, benefit a series of ultimate beneficiaries such as Local Government Bodies and Ministries, Regional and Local Authorities and Communities, Local Action Groups, NGOs and the Voluntary Sector, Cultural Operators and Local Heritage Organizations and Initiatives, Professional Unions and Traders Associations in the Projects Intervention Area. 136 Agreement holders acquire access to all Project results incl. planning and management tools, while they are inspired to aid the Partnership voluntarily. In this way added value is acquired for the Project, but also concrete benefits for the SCA holders: they are enabled to build highly synergetic networks to promote heritage entrepreneurship using cultural values as an agent for change across the EU/TR.

Responsible Partners

The PC designs the Training Platform for the MOOC and hosts the Training Platform. Each Partner participates the e-Course with a minimum of 3 participants, while it stays open to learners/students/stakeholders, who are admissible given the good command of English language.

The PC (NEU) and PP3 (KJF) make available 4 persons staff/experts to tutor the 6Month Course and cooperate closely to fine tune tasks and questions. PP6(ARTIFACTORY) delivers the instructional design methodology (TUTOR HANDBOOK) for the transnational trainers; the 4 Modules and the Attraction Design Tool. The PC(NEU) and PP3 (KJF) operate the e-Course and supervise the 6 dissertations of the trainees which correspond to the 6 Local Attraction Plans (IO3).
All partners cooperate to collect AV materials from the 6 Local Stakeholder Workshops, the 4 Transnational Onsite Training Activities and the 5 Multiplier Events to feed back the MOOC with news insights and first hand experiences.