Attraction Planning

learning outcomes

Knowledge Transfer

  • Basic Skills in heritage interpretation (provoke, relate, reveal a resource’s values)
  • Understand spatio-temporal distance
  • Understand categories of interpretive products and services

Development of Skills

  • Develop topics, themes and interpretive messages
  • Attract and retain the attraction of different target publics
  • Create cognitive and emotional bridges among audiences and phenomena (tangible or/and intangible cultural resources)
  • Associate resources’ values to the visitors’ everyday life
  • Fabricate compelling stories and narrative structures

Industry related products and services

  • Be able to structure layered information
  • Be able to design and deliver a series of basic interpretive products (an informal contact, guided visit, an informal contact, a self-guided trail, directional and interpretive signage)
  • Be able to design and develop personal and media aided interpretive products and services



Five documents compound Module Two. Your assignment is to read the documents.


Answer the questions below about the asset record form of your chosen tourism asset based on the explanations in Module 2